It might start in the beauty aisle of the drug store. It might start in someplace a little more fancy-ass. But the day is coming: the day you open some nasty cancer-in-a-jar store-bought lotion and think, WHAT the FUCK is in this shit? Why are there parabens and petroleum byproducts in here, and more importantly, why does it smell like fairies farting honeysuckle rose?

Badgerface Beauty Supply is all-natural & shit. It’s all good stuff. We’ve got us a fucking arsenal stacked with coconut oil, shea butter, and essential oils. We got us some French motherfucking beeswax. We like shit made without preservatives, without nasty oily crap, without fake fucking scents.

We like to run a tub of hot water, dump in some oatmeal milk bath, soak that shit up and feel like an absolute queen. An all natural beautiful fucking queen.

All the good stuff. No fake shit. You down with that?

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