Thank You Gift Set, including Body Butter, Lotion Bar, and Loofah.

//Thank You Gift Set, including Body Butter, Lotion Bar, and Loofah.

Thank You Gift Set, including Body Butter, Lotion Bar, and Loofah.


That’s right, I’m saying it. Somebody had to. Somebody had to stand here and say it, just fucking open their glorious mouth and let the world know: you da BOMB.

I mean, DA bomb. The one. The only. You make it all bearable. Can we talk for a minute about how UN AWESOME life would be without you? I mean, who would I have to yammer at? Who would put up with me? When I was ripe and ready to engage in fuckery, who would join me? Shit would be fucking bleak without all that fuckery, I’m telling you.

So, cheers, you fabulous bitch. We’re gonna drink some drinks. We’re gonna make fuckery happen. We’re gonna share some special fucking shit, ok? And it’s going to be so goddamn memorable.


– I fucking love you

– you make it all bearable

– life would blow serious chunks without you


Product Description

Thank You Gift – Thank You Gifts for Women – Teacher Gift – Hostess Gift – Gift Box – Spa Gift – Spa Gift Set – Whipped Body Butter – You Da Bomb

This thank you gift comes with a 4 oz jar of whipped body butter and a lotion bar, plus a natural loofah pad, because I’m feeling fucking generous. Everything ships direct from Badgerface Beauty Supply.


Go get your pamper on. You know you fucking deserve it.


Body Butters

Raspberry Ginger
Zen as Fuck – Green Tea
Mango Mofo – Mango

Lotion/Massage Bars

Lavender Eucalyptus
Ginger Coconut
Rosy Ass – Rose
Tingly as Fuck – Peppermint Eucalyptus
Kinky as Fuck – Vanilla Rose Ginger
Spicy Fucking – Cinnamon Ginger

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Additional Information

Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 7 x 4 x 3 in
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Body Butter

Coconut Cream, Lascivious Lavender, Mango Mofo, Raspberry Ginger, Zen as Fuck

Lotion/Massage Bar

Spicy Fucking, Tingly as Fuck, Ginger Coconut, Java as Fuck, Kinky As Fuck, Lavender Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Rosy Ass


Best Bitches, Boss Bitch, Bridal Bitches, Calm Your Tits, Carpe that Fucking Diem, Chill the Fuck Out, Congrats, fucker, DILF, Foxy, Grown Ass Woman, Happy Fucking Birthday, Happy Fucking Wedding, Hot Mama, MILF, Missing Your Goddamn Face, Pamper Your Ass, Thanks for Putting Up With My Shit, You Da Bomb


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