Don’t Fry Your Ass Natural Sunscreen Bar. Natural Sunblock.

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Don’t Fry Your Ass Natural Sunscreen Bar. Natural Sunblock.


Nothing hurts more than sunburn. On top of the scorched, peeling raw sucktitude of it all, there's the nagging little voice in the back of your head chastising you for being an IDIOT, right? The little voice that's like “WHHHHHYY did you not wear sunblock? Do you waaaaant to get skin cancer? Whhhyy?” Seriously. Your bratty kid sister was less annoying, amiright?

Shut that shit down with this here lotion bar. It's solid. Portable. Small and tidy to stick in your purse whenever you want to and pull out whenever you need it. It's a dope-ass super-moisturizing lotion bar imbued with some excellent botanical extracts, as well as BOTH non-nano zinc oxide AND titanium dioxide, because when you're dealing with sun protection, you don't want to fuck around.

This is a natural product that is not meant to replace super-high SPF chemical sunscreens. My recipe utilizes about 10% mineral sunblock components (that's the zinc oxide & titanium dioxide) by weight, which is intended to give the product between SPF 6 and SPF 11. TEST IT OUT before you commit to lying on the beach for hours, mkay?

Product Description

Natural Sunscreen. Natural Sunscreen Bar. 1.5 oz / 43 g. Sunscreen. SPF Lotion Bar. Sunblock. Natural Sunblock. Skin Care.

Natural sunscreen bar, made with beeswax, coconut oil, shea butter, non-nano zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, vanilla and chamomile extracts, and lavender essential oil from Badgerface Beauty Supply.
– 100% dope-ass natural ingredients
– Two kinds of sun-blocking minerals
– Approximately 1.5 oz
– Measures 2 5/8″ across
– Wrapped in green glassine paper
– None of our products are ever tested on animals.
– Preservative-free
– No fake shit

So unwrap this shit and slather yourself all up. No more crispy forearms, no more peeling. Just enjoying that warm weather in fucking peace, thank you very much.

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Additional Information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 3 x 3 x 1 in
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