Kinky as Fuck Massage Bar. Vanilla Rose Ginger.

//Kinky as Fuck Massage Bar. Vanilla Rose Ginger.

Kinky as Fuck Massage Bar. Vanilla Rose Ginger.


You know what's about the unsexiest fucking thing? BEANS. Beans are not sexy. They are girl scout sensible. They are what you eat when you're fucking broke. Really, we should know better than to try and sell you on a sensual massage bar made with fucking beans.

But listen up: picture this solid massage bar gently melting on your partner's skin, providing a kinky kick-off to what is sure to be a face-melting fuckfest. What says face-melting fucking more than starting with a massage? NOTHING. THAT'S RIGHT. We badgers like us some massage, and we like it done right, with 100% pure-ass natural solid massage bars.

This massage bar has vanilla, rose and ginger, to make you smell like a Tahitian whore. What could be better? Seriously. I ask you.

Product Description

Kinky as Fuck Massage Bar – Vanilla Rose Ginger – Kinky Gifts – Sexy Gifts – Romantic Gifts – Erotic Massage – Funny Gift for Girlfriend

Natural massage bar, made with beeswax, coconut oil, shea butter, dried black beans, and rose, vanilla, & ginger essential oils from Badgerface Beauty Supply.


– 100% pure-ass natural
– Nourishing fucking shea butter
– None of our products are ever tested on animals
– Approximately 1.5 oz
– Measures about 2 5/8″ across.
– Don’t get it on your junk
– Wrapped in green tissue paper
– Shipped in natural GreenWrap cushioning
– Preservative-free
– No fake shit

Please enjoy your extra-kinky sack sesh.

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Aluminum tin, Green vellum paper, Pink vellum paper


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