Milk Bath Favors. Bridal Shower Favors. Set of Six. Bath Favor.

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Milk Bath Favors. Bridal Shower Favors. Set of Six. Bath Favor.


Raise your hand if you’ve been on the receiving end of a seriously lame-ass bachelorette party favor. Or a bridal shower favor. Some kinda fucking terrible personalized glass (because who wants to remember a lame fucking wedding for the rest of her life?) or else penis-shaped shit. Because you know what no one has enough of? Penis-shaped shit.

Jesus. Give your girl friends something they might actually want: the gift of soaking in some seriously soothing fucking amazingness. We got rosy-ass, we got minty-ass, we got lavender sage, we got almond-vanilla. We got scents to melt the hardest of bitches, and all our milk bath favors are made with 100% natural essential oils. And none of our products are ever tested on animals.

No petroleum by-products, no parabens, no fake fucking scents. All the good stuff. No fake shit.

You down with that?

Product Description

Milk Bath Favors – Bridal Shower Favors – Set of Six – Bachelorette Party Favors – Bath Favor

Set of 6 bridal shower favors. These milk bath favors would also work as bachelorette favors, or as a nice alternative to ordinary bath salt favors. Listing includes set of six.



This listing is for a set of 6 awesome-ass personalized jars of milk bath.

Each jar holds 4 oz and has a black lid.

Can I do different sizes? Can I do different colors? Don’t even fucking ask. Shit I can change is the name, the date, the fucking part at the bottom where it says “last fling before the ring!”



Simmah Down Bitch – Lavender Sage
Instant MILF – Green Tea, Chamomile, and Carrot Seed
Kinky as Fuck – Vanilla, Rose, Ginger
Giving no Fucks – Bergamot Sage



Please send your personalized text info in the NOTES TO SELLER section at checkout in this EXACT FORMAT. Just go right fucking ahead and copy and paste this shit:

NAME: ______’s Bachelorette Party

Done copying and pasting? Excellent. Remember, bitches, there are fucking character limits in this shit. If your name is Jacqueline Antoinette, that ain’t gonna fit on the label. Sorry. And also, do us all a favor and shorten that shit to Jackie Anne. Seriously.

Name character limit: 15, plus the apostrophe-S. Spaces count as characters.
Quote character limit: 30. Spaces still fucking count as characters.

Now, light this fucking candle and get yourself on your way to a 100% non-lame hot-ass bachelorette party. No penis shit required.

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Almond Vanilla, Giving no Fucks, Instant MILF, Kinky as Fuck, Rosy Ass, Simmah Down Bitch


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