Calming Cleansing Balm. Lavender Facial Cleanser.

//Calming Cleansing Balm. Lavender Facial Cleanser.

Calming Cleansing Balm. Lavender Facial Cleanser.


Does your face need an exorcism? I mean for reals. Is there nasty shit dwelling down in the depths of your pores, raising hell? Why not introduce it to this shit?

Straight up Calming Cleansing balm, made with lavender essential oil and soothing chamomile. It’s like the Pied fucking Piper for toxic pore sludge, callin that shit right out and getting it gone.

This formulation is made for y’all in need of some serious skin-side mosturization: a break from flaky scaly cracky skin. This will clear that shit right up, and keep things copacetic. All that and it smells fucking amazing, too.

Apply ASAP after washing your face, or whenever you need a little moisturizing boost.

For best results, combine with other CALMING facial care products, including this facial serum.

This mask.

And this toner.

– 100% pure-ass natural
– Calming-ass lavender and chamomile
– 1 oz glass jar with black plastic lid
– None of our products are ever tested on animals
– Shipped in natural GreenWrap cushioning
– Preservative-free
– No fake shit

Exorcise those fucking pores already.

Product Description

Calming Cleansing Balm – Lavender Facial Cleanser – Eye Makeup Remover – Facial Cleanser – Facial Moisturizer – Acne Care

CALMING cleansing balm, made with beeswax, shea butter, mango butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, lavender essential oil, chamomile extract, alkanet root, ultramarine (for color), and vitamin E by Badgerface Beauty Supply natural skin care shop.


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