Superfly Chai Foot Scrub. Chai Tea Sugar Scrub.

//Superfly Chai Foot Scrub. Chai Tea Sugar Scrub.

Superfly Chai Foot Scrub. Chai Tea Sugar Scrub.


It’s time to talk about your feet. Seriously. When’s the last time you were down there? They’re ugly. They’re rough, they’re dirty, and they don’t smell real fucking good. They need love. They need to be pampered. They need some excellent fucking Superfly Chai Foot Scrub.

Polish up those crusty heels with this sugar scrub. It’s spicy as fuck. It’s got sunflower oil to anti-inflammatize your shit. It’s got chai spices for astringency and super good smellingness. And if you want to go rogue and use it on your elbows, knees, or even your fucking face, we ain’t gonna stop you. Do what you fucking want.


Product Description

Chai Foot Scrub – Chai Sugar Scrub – Exfoliating Scrub – Chai Scrub – Natural Skin Care – Sugar Scrub – Natural Scrub – Natural Bath Product

Chai foot scrub, made with sugar, sunflower oil, ginger essential oil, cinnamon essential oil, and chai spices from Badgerface Beauty Supply natural bath products shop.

– 100% pure-ass natural
– Nourishing fucking sunflower oil
– 4 oz double-wall plastic jar with silver lid
– Shipped in natural GreenWrap cushioning
– Preservative-free
– No fake shit

Scrub a dub dub, motherfucker!


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Additional Information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 3 x 3 x 2 in
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